Personal Sports Fund

The Personal Sports Funds have been set up to help
athletes already competing in a chosen Winter Sport.

It allows athletes to go out and seek sponsorship from various sources with the sponsored amount going through the charity allowing the WSF to claim Gift Aid on all donations increasing the sponsored amount.

As we all know that participation in winter sports is very time consuming and costly so with the help from the charity we look to maximise any donations we receive on your behalf.

To enable the charity to reclaim the gift aid, a 5% fee for the service we offer is taken. This amount goes to running the charity and realising its aims for public benefit.

A Personal Sports Fund can be used to help with the cost of anything related to helping the child in their sport, some examples are:

  • Training & Coaching Fee’s
  • Travel & Accommodation Expenses
  • Injury Rehabilitation & Medical Expenses Incurred Through the Sport
  • Equipment to Participate
  • Race & Membership Fee’s

The parent or guardian of the child cannot benefit as a result of the Personal Sports Fund. The funds are available to any young person, who is described as anyone under the age of 25.

If you would like to talk further regarding the Personal Sports Funds or allow us to come to your clubs to speak a number of athletes and parents on how to best use the Personal Sports Fund, then please get in touch.

The winter sports Foundation, like all charities relies on charitable donations in order to carry on the good work and help fulfill our aims. For the Personal Sports Funds, Whilst we do not charge parents and athletes anything to become a member and make use of the funds, we do ask that if you are able to, you give a voluntary donation. For a years membership we would recommend between £20 – £50. But as mentioned, this donation is completely up to you. Please also remember to tick gift aid when you make the donation! You can donate easiest by clicking on the donate button on the right hand side of this page or by sending a payment via bank transfer. The latter is the most effective way of ensuring the maximum amount of donation reaches us. Our details are on our Gift Aid Form.

Please download both forms in the menu to open a sports fund. You will need to fill in the Personal Sports Fund Application and the sponsor paying into the fund needs to fill out the gift aid form. Please send to us either by post or email. Any questions please contact us on

If you or your child is wishing to raise their own funds via a fund raiser, you can use this form below.

The Winter Sports Foundation Sponsorship Form
Step by step guide & FAQ’s

When opening a fund you must make sure you understand the rules and that you have relied on your own tax and legal advice and / or own judgment in opening a personal sports fund.

If you wish to donate to a fund and wish the donation to be a tax deductible expense, please follow the link for the rules that apply. The Foundation does not offer any tax advice or recommendations.

If a company wishes to sponsor the charity or a specific beneficiary, please download the following form to accompany the donation.
Donation Form For Employers